Flu Shots Available at Our Urgent Care Clinic

a woman receiving a flu shotProtect yourself from influenza, commonly known as flu, by getting your flu shot at Healthline Medical Group. Influenza is a virus that can cause a wide variety of symptoms, including fever, runny nose, sore throat, muscle pain, fatigue, coughing, and headaches. These symptoms can be severe and last for weeks. Flu can also lead to more serious ailments, such as pneumonia and bacterial infections, which may become life threatening. In fact, thousands of patients are hospitalized every year due to complications arising from a flu infection.

Why Get a Flu Shot?

The influenza virus is easily spread and can be contracted by breathing in droplets that are released into the air by sneezing, coughing, and talking. It can also live on surfaces where it can be picked up by touch. That’s why Healthline Medical Group recommends getting a flu shot every year. The flu vaccine is safe and effective at reducing the severity of symptoms and the need for flu treatment should you contract the virus. Side effects are usually mild and only last for a couple of days. Considering symptoms of the flu can be severe and long-lasting, the side effects of a flu shot are a small price to pay to ensure your wellbeing.

Get Your Flu Shot Today

Getting your flu shot will provide you with peace of mind knowing that if you do contract the virus, your symptoms will be mild and you can continue to live your life without being sick in bed for days or even weeks on end. Visit our urgent care center in Van Nuys, CA, today to get your flu shot—no appointment necessary!

Meet Our Team

Dr. Barry Rosenblum and Dr. Emmett Berg, the medical directors of Healthline Medical Group, have respectively been practicing medicine for greater than 40 years. Along with associate Physician Dr. Gary Reyzin, all three certified physicians lead a diverse team of medical professionals. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Patient Reviews

Healthline Medical Group is a trusted medical care provider that has earned numerous positive reviews from our patients. You will experience the same advanced and compassionate care that has made us the go-to healthcare provider serving the San Fernando Valley. Schedule an appointment today.

“I have always received excellent care and follow up from Healthline Urgent Care. The staff is very caring and professional. They really know their stuff. They also do an outstanding job of getting patients in and out in a timely fashion. I highly recommend!”

Gary J.

“Incredibly refreshing to go to a medical facility today where the entire staff is seemingly happy to be there. All of the employees at Healthline Medical were so friendly, helpful and professional. Having worked in the medical profession for 12 years- I’m a tough critic. I can honestly say Healthline Medical Group exceeded my expectations - I highly recommended without reservation.”

Claudette M.

“Very friendly and very thorough, showed great concern for the medical issues you are feeling. Took down all my information and medical history, asking the right questions. I felt very comfortable with the staff and the medical doctor, she was very kind and knowledgeable. It definitely made going to urgent care a pleasant experience when usually it isn’t.”

Shelle I.

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