Healthline Medical Group currently refers patients to orthopedists within our community with whom we have an excellent working relationship.

knee-sprainPrior authorization is obtained for the Orthopedic referral. In some cases, such as fractures and those patients requiring Orthopedic surgery, the patient’s care is transferred to the Orthopedist after authorization for the transfer of care has been obtained. In other cases, the Orthopedist may only need to see the patient one time in which case the patient remains under the care of the Primary Treating Physician at Healthline Medical Group. Ultimately, our goal is to reduce cost by eliminating the need for unnecessary tests and return our patients to a productive life and normal work duties in a most expeditious manner. For those patients requiring subspecialty orthopedic care Healthline Medical Group has an excellent professional working relationship with many other consultants within the San Fernando community within the MPN networks for the insured.