Telemedicine Visits—a Valuable Occupational Health Resource

Occupational Health Telemedicine Van Nuys CA

Healthline Medical Group is a trusted provider of occupational health services in the Van Nuys, California, area. To address many non-life-threatening, work-related illnesses and injuries, we now offer a telemedicine solution (Healthline Telemedicine Visits) as an alternative to a traditional, in-office consultation.

Why is telemedicine important in an occupational setting? Employees who become ill or injured on the job often face challenges in getting to and from their medical appointments. At Healthline, we are taking occupational medicine to the next level by providing a much-needed alternative to on-site visits. Through secure video-conferencing technology, we are improving access to care as well as patient outcomes while also helping employers control health care costs. Ultimately, our goal is to help sick and injured employees receive the medical care they need to recover—and return to work—as quickly as possible. Convenient access to health care services both during and after the current COVID-19 pandemic is essential in order to evaluate and return an injured worker to the workplace in the shortest period of time.

When Is It Appropriate to Use Healthline Telemedicine Visits?

Healthline Medical Group is pleased to offer telemedicine visit consultations to evaluate a variety of non-life-threatening, work-related illnesses and injuries, including:

  • Grade 1 and 2 sprains and strains
  • Tendinitis and other repetitive-use injuries
  • First-degree burns
  • Bruises and abrasions
  • Skin rashes
  • COVID-19 exposure
  • Bloodborne pathogen exposure

In addition to evaluating initial illnesses and injuries, we also offer telemedicine visit consultations to provide routine post-operative checks and follow-up care for certain complex conditions, such as:

  • Wounds and lacerations
  • Second-degree burns
  • Moderate neck and low back injuries
  • Significant sprains, strains and bruises

It is important to understand that the use of Healthline Telemedicine Visits is not appropriate in life-threatening situations. In the event of a true emergency involving a risk of loss of life or limb—such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness or uncontrollable bleeding—we urge you to immediately call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Why Take Advantage of Healthline Telemedicine Visits?

There are many benefits to using Healthline Telemedicine Visits, including:

  • Faster and more efficient access to occupational medicine expertise
  • Immediate workplace incident reporting and early intervention
  • Daily availability during extended hours
  • Privacy and data security

Healthline Telemedicine Visits can significantly enhance an ill or injured worker’s access to care. While this is always important, it is especially so in certain situations. For instance, if a manufacturing employee is injured after hours, the only other option may be a costly and time-consuming ER visit. If a driver is injured while on the road, the closest medical facility may be in a remote location. Under circumstances like these, Healthline Telemedicine Visits are a particularly advantageous resource for immediate—and trustworthy—illness and injury assessment.

In sum, our goal in offering Healthline Telemedicine Visits is to provide both employees and employers with convenient access to our occupational health experts, even at times when many other medical providers are unavailable.

Employer FAQs

What do I need to use Healthline Telemedicine Visits?

To get started, you will need:

  • A mobile device, tablet or computer with internet access and a webcam and microphone
  • The employee’s email address
  • A completed Employer Authorization Form

How long does a Healthline Telemedicine Visit take?

The time requirement for a telemedicine visit consultation can vary depending on an employee’s medical condition and individual needs. A key advantage of using Healthline Telemedicine Visits for a non-life-threatening, work-related illness or injury is that the employee will not have to waste valuable time traveling to and from a medical facility or waiting in a reception area.

When are Healthline Telemedicine Visits available?

Healthline Telemedicine Visits are available seven days per week during extended hours.

Are Healthline Telemedicine Visits secure?

Healthline Telemedicine Visits are HIPAA compliant, and all virtual visits take place via a highly secure video-conferencing platform. As always, the protection of our patients’ personal information and privacy are top priorities for us.

If you’d like to learn more about Healthline Telemedicine Visits or our occupational health services, contact Healthline Medical Group in Van Nuys, CA, today.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Barry Rosenblum and Dr. Emmett Berg, the medical directors of Healthline Medical Group, have respectively been practicing medicine for greater than 40 years. Along with associate Physician Dr. Gary Reyzin, all three certified physicians lead a diverse team of medical professionals. Schedule an appointment with us today.

Patient Reviews

Healthline Medical Group is a trusted medical care provider that has earned numerous positive reviews from our patients. You will experience the same advanced and compassionate care that has made us the go-to healthcare provider serving the San Fernando Valley. Schedule an appointment today.

“I have always received excellent care and follow up from Healthline Urgent Care. The staff is very caring and professional. They really know their stuff. They also do an outstanding job of getting patients in and out in a timely fashion. I highly recommend!”

Gary J.

“Very friendly and very thorough, showed great concern for the medical issues you are feeling. Took down all my information and medical history, asking the right questions. I felt very comfortable with the staff and the medical doctor, she was very kind and knowledgeable. It definitely made going to urgent care a pleasant experience when usually it isn’t.”

Shelle I.

“Incredibly refreshing to go to a medical facility today where the entire staff is seemingly happy to be there. All of the employees at Healthline Medical were so friendly, helpful and professional. Having worked in the medical profession for 12 years- I’m a tough critic. I can honestly say Healthline Medical Group exceeded my expectations - I highly recommended without reservation.”

Claudette M.

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